Dan Weinberger, CEO and co-founder of Morpheus.Network, has been appointed the chair of the Supply Chain Working Group at INATBA.


The International Associations for Trusted Blockchain Applications (INATBA) is an association with the objective of promoting blockchain and digital ledger technology. While it had its roots with the European Commission in Brussels, it has since emerged as a global organization with more than 100 companies as members. The association has a range of working groups that aim to promote blockchain technology in various fields or industries.

Supply Chain Working Group at INATBA

The Supply Chain Working Group supports the adoption of blockchain technology in the supply…

Polaris Spain is born! Polaris Network of Argentina (a Morpheus Network Service Provider) and its CEO, Jorge Marcos Madrid, have played a major role in the adoption of the Morpheus.Network platform in the Latin American region.

Vitalcan, the largest pet food supplier in Argentina, also founded by Jorge Marcos Madrid, made history by becoming one of the first companies to utilize Morpheus Network’s middleware platform to transform their supply chain. Jorge and Polaris are also responsible for SENASA, the National Food Safety and Quality Service of the Argentine government, agreeing to implement the Morpheus.Network solution in that county’s thriving agribusiness…

Morpheus.Network CEO Dan Weinberger recently did another #AMA, answering some great questions from our community! Check out the entire video here or keep reading for a summary of the key questions and answers.

Q: Can Dan and/or Noam do another interview with Vignesh Iyer containing a status update of the sidechain architecture and layer-technology?

A: Yes. We’ll definitely do another interview with Vignesh talking about the technical aspects of sidechain technology. Sidechain technology is basically leveraging as a sidechain these various blockchains that are available. Whether it is IPFS for data storage, Stellar for payments across the world, hashing…

Morpheus.Network CEO Dan Weinberger recently did another #AMA, answering some great questions from our community! Check out the entire video here.

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Morpheus.Network is dedicated to improving global supply chain efficiencies and appreciates the role of the community in encouraging growth. Dan regularly answers community questions to ensure that our users are being updated with the latest team and project developments — so be sure to join us on Telegram and subscribe to our subreddit for the next AMA.

About Morpheus.Network:

Digital. Integrated. Automated Global Supply Chains.

We optimize supply chains…

We are very proud and excited to announce that we have been selected to be part of the 12-week Toronto, Canada Supply Chain Innovation Program at Plug and Play!

PnP is a legendary Silicon Valley incubator that was named ‘Most active Silicon Valley venture capital firm’ by Silicon Valley Business Journal. In early 2019, we were selected by them to take part in their Sunnyvale, California program. The program involved a 12-week collaboration between upcoming startups and established corporate partners, working on specific business opportunities, providing mentorship, office space and pitch days with VCs and investment partners. The program provided…

Morpheus Network founder Dan Weinberger and his good friend Roger Crook, former CEO of DHL Global and current Morpheus.Network advisor, took some time to discuss the complexity in the modern supply chain and how Morpheus.Network brings order to the chaos.

Roger explained that today’s supply chains are extremely intricate — there are a lot of bottlenecks, particularly in ports, due to the many players involved and the lack of conformity in their datasets.

  • Ocean carriers
  • Freight forwarders
  • Customs brokers
  • Customs officers
  • Port officers
  • Tug operators
  • Border compliance and regulations

There are many complexities and challenges involved with moving containers…

Morpheus.Network is making several tech deployments to showcase the platform’s flexibility and practicality. Good customer relations and transparent company policies have helped us comprehend our customers’ needs and expectations and accordingly plan and reveal the remarkable capabilities they can leverage through our platform. With a wide networking approach across global-scale logistics enterprises, our objective is to deliver targeted and tailor-made solutions to our customers’ supply chain requirements.

About the Organization

CJI was founded on the principle that they could provide like-minded companies with the ability to produce a better construction project. They have vast experience in construction, plumbing, mechanical field…

Morpheus.Network founders Dan Weinberger and Noam Eppel sat down for a conversation with Blockchain Guru/Dimitra Ag Tech founder and CEO Jon Trask to discuss the long-standing partnership between their companies. Jon and Blockchain Guru are one of the first and most productive Morpheus.Network Service Providers (MNSP).

Jon has a rich educational background including a Master of Science degree from the University of Salford and numerous certifications from Oxford, Cornell, MiT and more. He is also an instructor of Digital Solutioning, Blockchain Fundamentals and Blockchain Architecture at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology. …

Over a two year period, Gulftainer’s ‘Future of Ports 2021” Challenge evaluated more than 2,000 start-ups from over 200 cities with the aim to shortlist 250 technologies set to lead the transformation of the sector. With the help of One Valley, the global entrepreneurship platform from Silicon Valley, 10 highly disruptive start-ups From Six Continents showcased their groundbreaking IoT, AI and Autonomous Drones, Big Data and Advanced Analytics, and Blockchain solutions that are redefining the ports and logistics sector.

As a company, we are incredibly proud to announce that Morpheus.Network was announced as one of the winning startups in Gulftainer’s…

We have reached a new milestone in our development — Morpheus.Network has evolved into an enterprise grade, next generation global supply chain ecosystem. In close collaboration with our partners, we have drastically upgraded our platform’s capabilities since the commercial launch in 2019. Morpheus.Network Black represents the culmination of years of development, successful enterprise grade implementations across the globe, an expansion of our use cases and token utility, and a giant leap towards our goal of global adoption. In this article, we will discuss some of these advancements on a summary level.

Our official Blackpaper contains greater detail:

Morpheus.Network Black Solutions

We have…

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